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What is ArmadaCon?

ArmadaCon is Sci-Fi and Fantasy Multi Media Convention that's been running in Plymouth since 1988.

Why Multi Media?

Other conventions tend to be focused one medium or one subject within that medium. We've found that fans find this format restrictive as most fans like more than one type of medium irrespective of subject matter.

Why do you describe yourselves as 'unconventional'?

Many modern conventions have become very commercialised. They're slickly presented and well polished events. This type of convention is now considered the norm. Fans go to these conventions to be entertained by the guests. ArmadaCon is completely different; most attendees come to entertain each other!

What Happens at ArmadaCon

At This Years Convention

For an abridged copy of this years program, Click Here.

Japanese tea ceremony by Hachisu Okiya!

Hachiko the Totnes Geisha

Hachiko the Totnes Geisha will be hosting a traditional Geisha Party to kick start the fun at this year's ArmadaCon. Commencing with a traditional Tea Ceremony, join us for Geisha performance and plenty of fun and games.

For more information visit the Hachisu Okiya! Facebook page.

For more information visit Emily Rogers (Hachiko) Facebook page.

Due to family berevement, Saber Combat Academy are unable to appear at this year's ArmadaCon.

Celebrate 40 years of Star Wars with ArmadaCon by meeting the talented people from Saber Combat Academy Ltd. and learn to fight like your movie icons.

Saber Combat Academy Ltd

Saber Combat Academy Ltd. will be hosting Lightsaber Combat Lessons from 10am Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November. Using their State-of-the-art Lightsaber Replicas, learn the ways of the Jedi from their experienced instructors. Arrive a Padawan, leave a Master! £10 per adult, £5 per child.

For more information visit the Saber Combat Academy Ltd. Facebook page.

For general information about events at ArmadaCon, please see below:


ArmadaCon has been supporting blind related charities for many years. The first of these was Guide Dogs for the Blind; where the money we raised helped to pay for the training of two guide dogs.
In more recent years our chosen charity has been the RNIB Talking Books service. The money we have raised to date has paid for the transcription of more than twelve books.

We are now supporting St Lukes Hospice; a local palliative care hospice
Unlike some other auctions, ArmadaCon's is a source of entertainment as well as a means of raising money!

Guest Panels

Held throughout the weekend, guests will be holding question and answer sessions. This is your opportunity to get to know the guests a little better, and the guests chance to find out what makes fans tick!


The Masquerade is one of the highlights of the Saturday evening entertainment. It started life as a costuming event. However, over the years, comedy acts and other tomfoolery including singing (well, that was the claim!) and dance have crept in. The Masquerade is your chance to provide 'entertainment' to an audience by performing or displaying a costume. It's all just a piece of fun, so why not join in!

Post Con Meal

The Post Con Meal rounds off the weekend in our venue's dining hall. Diners get dressed up (this is not obligatory!) and avail themselves of the menu provided. It's an opportunity to relax from the frantic pace of the previous 48 hours!

Quizzes and Games

What would a convention be without the odd quiz or game? Throughout the weekend there are opportunities to join in and pit your wits against the other attendees. There are team games as well as quizzes where you can take part as an individual.

Radio Plays

Often with a comedy element; the radio play is a relaxed introduction to the ArmadaCon experience!
The cast members are all attendees (and often guests!); so why not get involved and provide a voice!

Table Top Gaming and RPG

If gaming is more your thing, then ArmadaCon has its own games room. RPG and tabletop wargames are run throughout the weekend.

Turkey Readings

Usually held on the Sunday afternoon, the Turkey Readings involve the reading aloud some of the worst Sci-Fi and Fantasy ever written. Attendees then bid for the reader to stop; while others bid for the torture to continue. All money raised goes to our charity.
If you have a book that you think is worthy of being included in the Turkey Readings; please feel free to bring it. Provided it passes the strict criteria (!) it stands a good chance of being included!

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