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Frequently Asked Questions

What's this website all about then?
In short, it's an archive that lists the history of one series of conventions

What is ArmadaCon?
ArmadaCon is Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Cult TV Multi Media Convention that's been running in
Plymouth since 1988.

Why bother with an archive?
By luck, chance, and a little design; the organisers of ArmadaCon have amassed
over 3000 photos and over 100 hours of video footage of the activities that have taken place at the Cons
over the years. We feel that this achievement is unique and should be shared with
anyone who is interested.

Where did the video footage come from?
When ArmadaCon II was being organised, someone had the idea of recording the
event on video and then selling edited copies on an official basis. This carried on for
a number of years, before the idea was dropped. A few years later, an attendee
recorded a Con for his own use. That attendee was approched by another attendee
who asked for a copy of the footage. Since then, that attendee has been recording
the Cons on an unofficial basis, and is still scrounging footage.

Where did the 3000 photos come from?
This was a combination of scrounging and a gimmick. At one point, the official Con
website was run by a person who would ask other attendees for their photos for that
website. In return, that person would collate the donated photos, put them on a CD
and then give each of the donators a copy. In short, you could donate 50 photos,
but get 300 in return. Neat eh?

Will I find all of the photos and video on this website?
In short, no. The ArmadaCon archive has its own You Tube channel. There are links to individual videos listed on the Convention pages. The photos aren't available on-line; they have to be requested directly from the Archivist.

Can anyone have copies?
Nothing listed here is within the Public Domain. Although the videos listed on You Tube are freely available for anyone to enjoy; the videos without links have to be requested from the archive. This is mostly due to Copyright restrictions.

What are those tables under the convention notes all about?
They're an itemised catalogue of video footage held in the archive. If an event has
been transferred to disc, then the duration and file size is noted. A direct link to that video is also given in the You Tube column

Is it possible to get a copy of a file?
Yes it is, if you want a higher resolution (than the video on You Tube)

If I have photos or video footage that you haven't got, would you be interested in it?
We most certainly would! We would be happy to negotiate a deal to obtain new
material. Please email the Archivist stating what you have and we're sure that something can be sorted out.