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The DVDs

For many years, videos and DVDs were produced as mementos of each ArmadaCon.

The videos were produced from ArmadaCon II to ArmadaCon VII. As no known copies of these videos seem to have survived, their contents are unknown. However, evidence suggests that the tapes were 3 hours long and comprised of Guest Panels.

In later years, memento DVDs were produced. The early Armadacons had remastered footage using the original surviving Master Tapes. These DVD sets held roughly 7 hours of footage. From ArmadaCons 14 to 22, each Convention was filmed with the DVDs in mind.

With the advent of the ArmadaCon Archive having its own You Tube channel, the practice of producing memento DVDs has ceased. ArmadaCon 23 being the first Convention to be directly uploaded to You Tube. The listing below is mearly of historical record.

However if you would like one of the previous DVDs, please Email the Archivist

The ArmadaCon Archive You Tube channel can be viewed by clicking here


ArmadaCon II
Cover of ArmadaCon 2 DVD
Contents list of ArmadaCon 2 DVD
ArmadaCon III
Cover of ArmadaCon 3 DVD
Contents of ArmadaCon 3 DVD
ArmadaCon IV
Cover of ArmadaCon 4 DVD
Contents of ArmadaCon 4 DVD
ArmadaCon V
Cover ArmadaCon 5 DVD
Contents ArmadaCon 5 DVD
ArmadaCon VI
Cover ArmadaCon 6 DVD
Contents ArmadaCon 6 DVD
ArmadaCon VII
Cover ArmadaCon 7 DVD
Contents ArmadaCon 7 DVD
ArmadaCon 14
Cover ArmadaCon 14 DVD
Contents ArmadaCon 14 DVD
ArmadaCon 15
Cover of ArmadaCon 15 DVD
Contents ArmadaCon 15 DVD
ArmadaCon 16
Cover ArmadaCon 16 DVD
Contents ArmadaCon 16 DVD
ArmadaCon 17
Cover ArmadaCon 17 DVD
Contents ArmadaCon 17 DVD
ArmadaCon 18
Cover ArmadaCon 18 DVD
Contents ArmadaCon 18 DVD
ArmadaCon 19
Cover ArmadaCon 19 DVD
Contents ArmadaCon 19 DVD
ArmadaCon 20
Cover  ArmadaCon 20 DVD
Contents ArmadaCon 20 DVD
ArmadaCon 21
 Cover ArmadaCon 21 DVD
Contents ArmadaCon 21 DVD
ArmadaCon 22
Cover of ArmadaCon 22 DVD
Contents of ArmadaCon 22 DVD