Charity Stuff

In the 30+ years of Armadacon's existance, the Charity Auction and Turkey Reading events have raised money in support of assorted charities. Here's a list of the Charities that Armadacon has supported over the years.

Guide Dogs for the Blind

During the early years, the charity was Guidedogs for the Blind, where a dog was bought and named (Geordi, after the Star Trek:TNG character Geordi LaForge) by the people of Armadacon.

Talking Books for the Blind

Later, the charity was changed to Talking Books for the Blind. At the time, it was felt that very few Sci-Fi related books were available, so Armadacon raised the money to ensure that Sci-Fi related books were recorded.

To the right, is a selection of the books that have been recorded, courtesy of Armadacon.

St Lukes Hospice Plymouth

From 2014, Armadacon has been raising money in support of a local end of life Hospice. 

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