Welcome to the Armadacon On-Line Archive. This is probibly the oddest website anywhere in cyberspace, as it deals with the history of just one Convention. To some, Conventions are disposable events that you attend, forget, and then await the next one. Armadacon is different. Through chance, luck, and a little design, Armadacon actually has a centralised archive. This archive currently boasts over 200 hours of video footage and over 3000 photographs! It is unknown if any other series of Conventions holds an archive like Armadacon. To date, we haven't found one. It is quite possible that Armadacon is unique in this respect.

This site has been built to allow any attendee (Past, present and future) as well as any other interested party, access to that archive.

5/12/2019 Website reorganised and revemped.


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