Most Wanted

Even though the camera tapes were carefully looked after at the time the relevent Armadacon was recorded. Some of the tapes have 'done a runner' during the interveaning years. The Armadacon Archive was only really formed around 2002, so the slow process of cataloguing and transferring the 'rediscovered' tapes to disc has gradually revealed evidence of missing tapes. These tapes may still exist. Then again, they may be lost forever. Although some tapes have been recovered and some missing footage found. There are still gaps. This page is dedicated to filling those gaps that time has created. If you can help........

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Armadacon II

This screen grab was taken from the surviving Masquerade tape. The second camera can just be seen in the background. It's believed that the missing tape also has the 'Who's Con is it Anyway' game on it.


Armadacon VII

Although all tapes that were held in the Archive were VHSc and all footage was recorded on a hand held camcorder. You can't help but wonder; What was that full sized VHS camcorder (With an empty tape case next to it) doing there?

Armadacon 2000

This grab was taken from the Charity Auction for Armadacon 2000. There, on the right is a video camera complete with operator.

Armadacon 2001

This screen grab was taken from the Masquerade footage shot by an Attendee's camcorder. Here can be seen, not one but two more cameras being used. The Archivest would be very interested in obtaining a copy of the footage from these cameras.

Armadacon 2001

This shot comes from the Closing Ceremony. In the back, on the right, is a video camera complete with operator.