Wonder Woman.

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Wonder Woman.

Post by Geoffrey(aka Jasper) » Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:10 pm

Saw it last week. IMHO good, not great, but definitely good.

Gal Godot was superb though.

Expanding on those comments SPOILERED JIC

Well the good parts are a group of proto-Howling Commandoes (aka The Grubby Quarter-dozen) which I thought were rather well done, some extremely athletic Amazons and some brilliantly done battle scenes. There was great acting throughout and it looked fantastic.

The "not-great" part comes from there being one (at least one) too many climatic fight scenes and I also felt the films "big theme" about the duality of human nature, the banality of evil and, the darkness and the light within us all, was rather clunkily handled. And there also a vague niggle that the Hun super-weapon, particularly nasty gas, was flammable which strikes me as a severe limitation in a battlefield weapon. And while I did like the proto-Howling Commandoes I felt that there was a plot line being set up for them, which was left unsatisfyingly unresolved. Also, sometimes, the pacing seemed a little off.

However, as mentioned before, I thought Gal Godot was superb, looked great – athletic and resolute. (And very easy on the eyes. –blush- ) And in addition to being physically convincing in the role, she also convinced as a naïve idealist who learns some harsh truths about the world, but doesn't give into cynicism.

And there were also touches of humour, some of it of the fish out of warter variety with Wonder Woman in London, and a double-entre(?), of Diana to a naked Steve Trevor, "You let a little thing like that tell you what to do?" She was talking about his wrist watch. –blush-


Now will this break the (supposed) hoo-doo about Super-Heroine movies? I hope so.

As ever, all JIMHO.
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