"You're Him, Aren't You" Paul Darrow's autobiography

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"You're Him, Aren't You" Paul Darrow's autobiography

Post by Liz W » Thu Jun 16, 2011 7:18 pm

Hi all

I brought this for my best friend, some while back; as he is a big Avon fan.
He has been nagging me to read it and I recently gave in!

I have to say I have really enjoyed reading this book.

Darrow not only talks about his time on Blake's 7; but his other film, television and theatre experiences.
Which are varied and diverse, including Shakespeare, Edwardian and the King (of rock and roll!)

He also talks about his fellow actors/actresses he has met and worked with over the years; of which there are a lot! A great number of which are familiar names.

I would, definitely, recommend it

It is published by Big Finish (http://www.bigfinish.com) and is on offer as part of their sale at the moment.



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