Fan Film Entry: The Assassination Bureau.

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Fan Film Entry: The Assassination Bureau.

Post by Spudgun » Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:50 am

I thought I'd Post his here as Jasper showed an interest in what other people had written.

I did talk to a couple of the other entrants on the Saturday. Their approaches to the 'problem' were different. My approach was simple: How easy could I make this to film. Something set far into the future was out as that would involve costuming. There was no way I could ensure that they would be made by the people involved. So, I set the film in the near future as clothing wouldn't have changed much. Props were another consideration. By setting the film in the near future, I could use props that I already had. I decided that spaceship battles and laser gunfights were out as they would detract from the story I wanted to tell and take up to much of the 10 minute time limit that I had to tell it. Having made films before (and written the odd Radio Play), 10 minutes to tell a story is a VERY short time! Anything that didn't add to the story had to go. All that Alan, Linda & others involved had to do was to create the backgrounds. I even went as far as shooting some test footage to ensure that the fim could be shot over the weekend. The climax of the film (The actual assassination) took me 50 minutes to film and 3 hours to edit. So, here we are. This was my entry.

The Assassination Bureau

This story is based on a simple notion: Would O.J Simpson have been aquitted in his 1995 murder trial if his high class defence Lawyer (Johnnie Cochran) had been killed shortly before the Trial?

In the near future, crime is on the rise. The problem isn't detection or prosecutions. It's Law firms. These high class Law firms are no longer interested in justice for their clients. They're only interested in the amount of money that can be generated by representing them.

Known criminals constantly evade justice by being represented by these Lawyers. Upon aquittal, the Taxpayer has to foot the Bill. This leaves the criminal able to re-offend and be defended by the same Law firm time and time again.

The drain on the Public Purse had become critical. Something had to be done. Corrupting the Police and the Courts was not an option. They had enough problems. Killing the criminal was ruled out. The Public wanted Justice to be served. Then somebody, somewhere had an idea.

The idea was simple. Weaken the Defence case and make sure a conviction was secured by killing the high class Defence Lawyer.

Thus an undercover network of proffessionals was created. The Assassination Bureau was born.

This story follows one such assassination. Being an undercover organisation, we follow the progress of one member (Assassin 27) who is contacted by the unseen Controller (Very Charlies Angels). Assassin 27 is instructed to 'Take out of the equation' a high class Lawyer who is about to defend a known criminal at Court later that day. However, the assassination has to look like a bungled attempt to kill the crimimal. Assassin 27 is instructed to collect his equipment from Quartermaster 8 at a predefined location (All Bureau members are contacted seperately). He is also told that Policeman 357 will be on hand to assist in Assassin 27's departure from the scene if required. Other minor information is given.

Assassin 27 leaves his normal workplace with a black briefcase and goes to the predefined location (A fairly busy shopping precinct). Quartermaster 8 is waiting there with an identical briefcase. Contact is made and a verbal coded identification takes place. As a result of this process, the black briefcases are switched. Quartermaster 8 leaves and Assassin 27 makes his way to the Courthouse area.

Outside the Courthouse is a TV News crew. They are waiting for the arrival of the Defence Lawyer and the accused. There is also a Policeman. Assassin 27 looks around for a suitable location to fire his weapon. He sees a vacant shop with the Goods entrance in a side alley. There is also a vagrant in the side alley. Using an electronic key, he opens the Goods entrance door (All doors in this film open in a Star Trek stylee) and steps in.

Inside, Assassin 27 put the black briefcase on a table and opens it. A take-down sniper pistol is revealed. Assassin opens a small ventilation window. He takes out the scope of the briefcase and checks the entrance of the Courthouse. He waits. When the Lawyer and his client arrives, Assassin 27 assembles the sniper pistol. He then takes aim. The TV News crew are talking to the client and his Lawyer. Assassin 27 chooses the right moment where he can wound the client, but kill the Lawyer. At the right moment, Assassin 27 double taps the trigger. The client staggers around wounded, but the Lawyer falls to the ground dead. The Policeman reacts by drawing his pistol and looking around.

Assassin 27 picks up the briefcase and exits the shop Goods entrance. He then gives the sniper pistol to the vagrant. He tells the vagrant that there's a Police Officer just around the corner and if he gives the pistol to him, he'll be rewarded. Assassin 27 walks off down the alley.

The vagrant walks off down the alley to find the Police Officer. He sees him and waves the gun around. The Police Officer shoots the vagrant dead (Yes, it's Policeman 357!). Both Assassin 27 and Policeman 357 see each other and give each other the nod. End of story.

This is where I ran out of paper. What wasn't mentioned was there would've been a voiceover during the end credits in the form of a News report explaining that the ballistics of the gun held by the vagrent matched the weapon used in the assassintaion and that the vagrent was the only suspect. Thus neatly wrapping up the loose ends.
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