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Costume Rant!

Post by Spudgun » Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:44 pm

After being stitched up (along with others, I hasten to add) at the Con24 Charity Auction to wear a Bunnygirl outfit at Con25, I've been looking for ideas for a stylised Bunnygirl (Dave and myself did the classic Playboy Bunny at Con15). I did consider Burlesque Bunny, but the corsetry involved (Kerry did offer to do it up) would lead to complications (Kerry wouldn't undo it again, thus leaving me trapped in the corset). After some browsing, I found the perfect solution: Classic Star Trek Bunny! The 60's TV series outfit was ideal. All I had to do was buy one in a size 14. Can I find one? Can I hell. The largest I can get one in, is a size 12!

Dear costume makers. There are people out there who are larger than a size 12. I WANT A SIZE 14 YOU MUPPETS!!!
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