Insurance Rant!

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Insurance Rant!

Post by Spudgun » Sat Mar 22, 2014 9:24 am

This is a double edged one.

For my sins, I own and ride an imported Royal Enfield 500 Lightning. By imported I mean: It's a Grey Import. The Lighning was never a UK model (Indian Home Market only). Of course, this makes insuring it an interesting exercise. By and large, on-line Insurance Companies won't touch Grey Imports, but a number will. However.............

There were three models of the Lightning. The 500. The 535 and the 535 electric start. When filling in an on-line form, NOBODY has heard of the 500 Lightning! Only the 535. Listen up BUTTHOLES. There's more 500 Lightnings in the Country than there are 535's. Isn't it about time you UPDATED your motorcycles lists? Here's another.

On-line forms have a box where you enter your Registration number and it identifies the bike in question. Well, I enter my Registration number and guess what. My bike DOESN'T exist. Strange. I've got paperwork from the DVLA saying it does. The DVLA website says my bike exists and that it's legal on the road. So why do Insurance websites say that it doesn't? Simple. It's because that they say the 500 Lightning DOESN'T exist. UPDATE your lists you MORONS! Finally....

A fair few on-line insurance forms ask for a mobile phone number. You can't go any further with the inquiry until you enter your mobile number. Well. I DON'T HAVE A MOBILE PHONE! I don't NEED one. Why must Companies assume that everyone has one? SMEG-HEADS!

Don't get me started on Face Book, Twitter, Link-in and Credit Cards.
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