Destroy Plymouth!

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Destroy Plymouth!

Post by Spudgun » Sat Apr 12, 2014 8:20 pm

OK, this is a bit of a fun rant, so don't take it seriously.

Kerry and myself visited the Model show at the Guildhall this morning. Afterwards, Kerry wanted to visit this event this event that was being held by that big outdoor screen. The event was called Plymouth Health. It was being held in a marquee. Kerry was happy to be there. I went in just to annoy the people who were there. Oh God. I have never felt so depressed by a bunch of self righteous sad-sacks. One woman asked Kerry if she was active. I felt like replying " Yeah, I'm on Gaydar all frikkin day" (Don't panic. I did tell Kerry about this comment). Kerry got involved with another group (ended up getting photographed for use in an advertising campaign). I had to leave because these people were sapping my will to live.

Please send in Godzilla to destroy Plymouth.
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