DVLA Rant.

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DVLA Rant.

Post by Spudgun » Mon Aug 10, 2015 5:05 pm

For many years, I've been re-newing my VED on-line. Yeah, OK we don't actually get a Tax Disc anymore, but that's no important. It was a great way to do things. Just press a few buttons and pay with my Debit card. Bliss. However......

Late last month, they've changed things. I can't re-new with my Debit card on-line anymore. If you want to re-new your VED, you have to set-up a Direct Debit! Screw that! OK. I have a number of Direct Debits for assorted monthly bills, but I draw the line for re-newing the VED for my car and bikes. All is not lost though......

The peeps at the DVLA have a new phone service. You can phone the provided number and re-new using a Debit or Credit card. Good news? Like Hell. It's a premium phone number (0300). Yup. The DVLA charge you 9p a minute for using this phone number (Got that information from the DVLA website)! I did give it a quick go. It's a completely automated service. There's a shed load of padding when you get through (designed to rack up the Bill). You then have to use the key pad on the phone to enter your details. It was at this point, I put the phone down. Suffice to say. I went down to the Post Office to re-new.

The DVLA. Finding new ways to shaft the motorist!
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