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TV Rant!

Post by Spudgun » Sat Dec 17, 2016 8:01 pm

On Wednesday, my TV was tuned to a radio station (I was downloading Spectrum games at the time). When I was finished, I changed over to my Spectrum and loaded those games onto discs. Once done, I changed back to the same radio station. It was gone! The radio station was still there, but there was no signal! Now. This has happened before (Engineers sometimes switch off a MUX (Look it up) to service a transmitter. Thinking nothing of it. I hunted around for another channel while I was waiting. Absolutely nothing happening. I wasn't getting a signal on any channel! Oh dear.

I checked another TV in a different room. That was working. I plugged my TV to the same leads to see if anything happened. Again, nothing. Oh dear, thinks I. My TV is shagged. Well, it was quite old. I hunted around and bought a cheap replacement (my TV needs are few). I plugged it in and everything was well again. Well, not quite. A lot of channels were oddly missing.

It just so happens that there's two TV ariels here (Long story, I won't bother to explain). I plugged my 'broken' TV into the other ariel. My TV worked again. There was nothing actually wrong with my TV. There were still channels missing, but it proved my TV wasn't broken. The problem was something else.

During conversations with others on the estate where I live. I am not alone in having problems. If others had problems with their TV's. It could only mean one thing. The power output of the transmitter had been reduced. Thursday, I ordered an amplifier for my TV. It arrived today. My TV now works perfectly.

Where was the information that the transmitter power was going to be reduced at Huntshaw Cross? Why didn't the authorities mention that older TV's might stop working? Does some butt hole owe me the price of a TV that I don't need? I've had it for 4 days and it's now back in its box (It wouldn't work with my Spectrum).

If I ever find out the name of the person responsible. I'm going to ram my unwanted TV up his ASS!
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