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Computer Rant!

Post by Spudgun » Sat Oct 12, 2019 4:35 pm

Last Friday (4th October), my computer died (I've been using my laptop for a week). I can't complain. It was 10 years old and showing its age. I decided to to pop down to PC World to peruse replacement parts. 10 years ago. I had bought everything for there. Motherboard. Processor. RAM. Even the cast that everything sat in. So, it was reasonable to expect that I could do the same. How wrong I was!

To cut a long story short. PC World had nothing! When I say 'nothing'. I mean; Nothing to you pick up from the shelf and buy. I wanted to build an all new PC. As I've said before. I Bought everything from PC World the last time I built a PC. This time, I couldn't walk out with anything! Well, said PC World. We've got 1000's of products on-line. That's no good to me, you muppets. I want it now!. We can get it for you in a couple of days, says PC World. Oh really, says I. I can get it on-line in a couple of days, for a fraction of the price!

That's exactly what I did.

Is it any wonder that high streets are experiencing a down turn? Just how can some shops survive when they actually don't have anything to sell? The likes of PC World have become nothing more than show rooms for stock that's held elsewhere. I couldn't even buy a mains lead for my PC. How bad is that?

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