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Computer Rant!

Posted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 4:35 pm
by Spudgun
Last Friday (4th October), my computer died (I've been using my laptop for a week). I can't complain. It was 10 years old and showing its age. I decided to to pop down to PC World to peruse replacement parts. 10 years ago. I had bought everything for there. Motherboard. Processor. RAM. Even the cast that everything sat in. So, it was reasonable to expect that I could do the same. How wrong I was!

To cut a long story short. PC World had nothing! When I say 'nothing'. I mean; Nothing to you pick up from the shelf and buy. I wanted to build an all new PC. As I've said before. I Bought everything from PC World the last time I built a PC. This time, I couldn't walk out with anything! Well, said PC World. We've got 1000's of products on-line. That's no good to me, you muppets. I want it now!. We can get it for you in a couple of days, says PC World. Oh really, says I. I can get it on-line in a couple of days, for a fraction of the price!

That's exactly what I did.

Is it any wonder that high streets are experiencing a down turn? Just how can some shops survive when they actually don't have anything to sell? The likes of PC World have become nothing more than show rooms for stock that's held elsewhere. I couldn't even buy a mains lead for my PC. How bad is that?


Re: Computer Rant!

Posted: Sun Jan 05, 2020 8:21 pm
by Spudgun
The chaos continues......

At the last Con. My laptop refused to connect to the Wi-Fi at the hotel. It worked perfectly at home. but it didn't want to know at the Con. It was the 2nd year in a row where I couldn't connect to the Wi-Fi. I found out why for the first year (I can't remember why, but it was my fault). I was so narked, that I bought an newer laptop. Then I found out why it wouldn't connect the 2nd time (I didn't know that there were different protocalls for Wi-Fi connections. I only had the one loaded). Moving swiftly along.....

I bought the laptop with Windows 7 pre-loaded. As anyone knows, Windows 7 is now defunct. Last month. I decided to upgrade to Windows 10 (So the laptop would have the same platform as my desktop). I then did a side by side comparision with my old laptop. Not only did the new laptop find more Wi-Fi signals. It had more protocalls loaded. Good news! Then it all went down hill.....

I've mentioned this before, but I'll mention it again as a reminder. I have a monthly broadband limit. This is where I have a 'bone to pick' with Windows 10. It's all about updates.

When I had Windows XP and Windows 7. I could pick and choose what updates to download. I'd wait until the end of the month (I've never gone over my broadband limit yet) and use the 'spare' capacity to download the updates. Windows 10 has taken away this choice! When I loaded Windows 10 onto the laptop. It automaticly downloaded 500megs worth of updates! That's a days worth of internet usage! It gets worse.

I'm now on 'short rations' when it comes to internet usage. The thing I miss the most is You Tube. The new Star Wars film had just come out and it was getting a right roasting. I was missing all of the fun! It took me a week to get back into 'download credit'. Then on Xmas day. Microshaft released another set of updates. I ended up on 'short rations' for the remainder of the year!

Although you can delay the updates for a week. Microshaft doesn't really tell you that updates are available. Buttholes!

Now, for a change of subject.....

I still use a SVHSc camera and a capture card to make the videos shown at the Con. Although I do have a digital camera. Working with pyro would put it at risk. Tape cameras are cheap (As nobody wants then any more). So if my SVHSc camera breaks as a result of pyro damage. It's no loss. Moving along.....

Once I had shot the footage for last years video. I had to transfer it to my computer. However. My current capture card refused to work with Windows 7. As a stop gap. I used a spare hard drive with Windows XP on it. As we all know. Windows XP is defunct to the point that you can no longer Register it via the internet. Now that I've changed my desktop. I can't even do that for this years video. I've just had to shell out for a new capture card (and software) so I can make this years (and future years) video.

I just hate the expense and the irritation of progress!