RIP Harlan Ellison

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RIP Harlan Ellison

Post by Geoffrey(aka Jasper) » Fri Jun 29, 2018 9:01 am

Harlan Ellison has passed away aged 84. He was considered a giant the field. One of the founding figures in what became known as the new wave of SF. I will admit I have only read a couple of shrot stories of his, but I liked them a lot.

He was a controversial figure though. I was at Con a number of years back where he was a guest. Great guest, wonderful racontuer. He told an incredibly funny story about him facing off four mafia hit-men with Remington XP-100 and a wearing only a towel . . . he then went on to tell a story about a feud he had with a magazine publisher who put ad-cards for cigarettes in a magazine Harlan Ellison had a story in. This feud involved Harlan posting roadkill to the magazine's offices and hiring a heavy to put the frighteners on the guy. . . . and it was clear Harlan didn't (or couldn't) see that his actions went waaay beyond what was acceptable.

In the 'Importance of Guests' thread, I mentioned Sharyn McCrumb's detective story 'Bimbos of the Death Sun.' Now as you might gather the fictional, and not particularly nice, Appin Dungannon, is pretty much a charicature of Harlan Ellison. Apparently Sharyn McCrumb was attending a mystery writers convention along with Harlan Ellison. She was, given Mr Ellison's reputation, a little nervous about this. She then found she was sitting next to him at the dinner table. AppaRently he told her that he really liked the book.
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