Armadacon 2022 Uploads.

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Armadacon 2022 Uploads.

Post by Spudgun » Fri Dec 09, 2022 7:46 pm

I thought I'd do this in one go.

01-Opening Ceremony:
02-Book Launch:
03-Scooby Doo:
04-James Burgess Panel:
05-Charity Auction:
06-All Writers Panel:
07-Role Players Panel:
08-Saturday Video:
09-Andy Lane Panel:
10-Circle of Spears: (Set to Private)
11-Turkey Readings:
12-Voice Acting Panel:
13-Closing Ceremony:

The Circle of Spears Blackadder video has been set to Private at the request of Circle of Spears, over Copyright fears. Personally. I don't think there's a problem (No BBC footage involved), but it was only right to comply. If you want to watch the video. I have to add your name to a list. I like to think at in the future that status of this video will change, but that's not my decision.
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