That was Armadacon 2019 That Was.

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That was Armadacon 2019 That Was.

Post by Spudgun » Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:51 am

Although it was great to see everyone again. It was noticed that some faces were missing. The reasons are not important.

I had this odd feeling that some of the organising 'went south'. Kev did the Meet & Greet as Dave Wake went 'missing'. The Masquerade went completey to pot. It crossed my mind that we've become complacent over the years and that some people are 'de-facto' in what they do. Naturally. This leads to confusion and the resultant cock-ups. In this respect, I'm lucky. Being a 'bolt on'. I ask for a time slot, etc and get left to get on with it.

We should remind ourselves that although Dave T suggested dropping the Masquerade for next year and having a 70's themed evening. He's not on the Committee (In conversation. He also suggested other changes). In this instance. I'm inclined to agree with him. One suggestion was: Moving the Opening Ceremony back to Friday. I'm in agreement as the running order of the videos I do appear out of sequence for anyone who wasn't there. Anyway. All decisions should be left in the hands of the Committee. I'll just say; I'm looking at a 70's themed quiz for the Saturday evening.

The good news is; The lighting in the main hall is much improved. I've reviewed the footage and it's fine. No need to mess with it (Once I've got the sound problem sorted).

I'm still having problems with the Hotels Wi-Fi. Last year it was my fault. I fixed that fault at home and it all worked. At the Hotel. My laptop just wouldn't connect. I tested my laptop once I got home again at it worked just fine. Others with laptops didn't seem to have a problem. The only thing I can think of is the fact that my laptop is old. Perhaps it needs a stronger signal before it'll connect (5 bars here. 2 at the Hotel). I did notice that the old Routers are still bolted to the underside of the desks in the Hotel rooms. They're still powered up, but not connected to anything (I spotted the cable dangling from the Router). It's not important and I really ought to get a more modern laptop.

I remain gobsmacked that we still managed to break the £1000 mark at the Charity Auction. Numbers appeared down this year and we still made it. Pretty awesome stuff!

By and large a happy experience for all. However. I do agree with Dave T that we need to 'freshen up' the format.
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Re: That was Armadacon 2019 That Was.

Post by lordashram » Tue Nov 05, 2019 11:08 am

For once (shock Horror) I agree with Spudgun.
Friday is the official start of the convention and by the logic of the vulcans that when the opening ceremony should sit.

yes things did go to pot on a few occations but.
1. the charity auction ran on time and completed on time.
2. The raffle ran a lot smoother and was completed swiftly.

What did not help was the change in hotel staff, It felt like we had wound the clock back 3 years.
The real ale ran out, with no backup and the times for waiting for food were horrendous.
And this messed up the Saturday evening schedule.

But I am not on the Committee, even though i act it very well.
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