That was Con 2017 That Was.

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That was Con 2017 That Was.

Post by Spudgun » Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:42 am

Once again, a totally enjoyable weekend.

Numbers appeared up from last year. My guess is that it doesn't really pay to have a 'name' as a guest. I don't know the reasons, but that's not important. Considering the shortage of cash (possibly due to the uncertainty of Brexit, etc), achieving the 'benchmark' £1000 in the Charity Auction is getting a little harder, but we still made it. The only faux-pas here, was 'the bucket' wasn't on hand at the start of the auction. A fair few people commented on this as they believed it was a given that it would be there.

One thing that pleased me was that assorted panels only had a 60 minute time slot. For many years, they had a 90 minute slot. Having edited the Con footage for many years. I've noticed that Panels tend to flag once they go over the hour. There are exceptions though. The Turkey Readings were over far to quickly. There are others, but it all depends on the content.

We are all getting old. It has been said for a number of years that new blood is needed if Armadacon is to continue. What we (old farts) do, we do for the love of it. The discussion after the Closing Ceremony was a good idea and it put the situation into sharp perspective (Although the subject had been talked about since Con 24). I'm not going to go into detail here, as I'll share my thoughts in another thread. Suffice to say, there are opportunities to be had to appeal to a younger attendee.

Thanks to all who put the Con together. I've already signed up for next year. Fingers crossed, those dammed roadworks will be finished by then!
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