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Post by Geoffrey(aka Jasper) » Wed Aug 28, 2019 6:32 pm

A little while back I became of aware that there was going to be a Rivers of London mini-convention in Plymouth with Ben Aaronovitch & Andrew Cartmel as guests. “That’s nice," I thought. “But it’s too far for me to go for just a one day convention.” Anyway a little later I mentioned this to Lorraine, my better half, and her response was, “Oh wow!” Or words to that effect. Two of us going down to Plymouth for a one day event suddenly made the journey seem more reasonable, and we could meet up with friends on the Sunday.

I gather that Murmuration was only possible due to the fact that Ben was doing a signing tour, along with Andrew Cartmel, to promote the release of ‘The October Man’ - the latest in ‘The Rivers of London’ series. So on Saturday morning 22nd June Lorraine and I found ourselves in Waterstones Plymouth.

This was the first signing in a bookshop I’ve attended, so I’ve no comparison as to how well or otherwise it was attended. However the queue snaked around inside the bookshop which I am told is a sign of a well-attended signing. (Apparently queuing outside the bookshop only really happens for Mary Berry or Bob the Street-cat.) We brought a copy of ‘The October Man’ and a RoL graphic novel ‘Detective Stories.’ I also brought the first in Andrew Cartmel’s ‘Vinyl Detective’ series. Which I’ve yet to read, but I’ve heard good things about it.

It was also really nice meeting up with some people from Armadacon in the queue.

Anyway Andrew and Ben signed our books very pleasantly and then it was off to Café Fandom. FWIW I thought the walking bus worked well and it was a great idea. Yes, with a map/GPS/smart phone we could have found it, but it wouldn’t have been as easy or as pleasant. Thank you and well done to those who drove the walking bus.

Café Fandom was nice. Food was on the good side of okay. But the loos could have been cleaner. Prices were reasonable and their cocktails were a lot of fun. But most importantly the staff were friendly, helpful and pleased to have us there.

As to the Murmurration itself. (Great name btw, and one which took me a moment or too to get.) Well, Lorraine and I manged to miss most of the first two items. The Punch & Judy show and the talk on Latin, both items of which were highly appropriate to a ‘Rivers of London’ convention, and from I what little I caught of them they both seemed very interesting.

But then we had our main guests. And they were brilliant. Andrew was fun, Ben was fun and when they were on together they really struck sparks. We did learn a lot about the ‘Rivers of London’ series. Stuff like how it was written, why Ben chose to make the lead character a young, mixed-race, North Londoner and the intriguing information that Nightingale’s history is fully mapped out. Including what happened at Ettersberg, but that it’s still going to remain a mystery. And I think Ben is right about that, although I still think that how Molly’s teeth are drawn in the comics should be accorded more importance.

We didn’t stay for the buffet, we’d had a long drive down the night before and while it had been a fun day, it had also been a long day. But we hope everyone who did stay for the buffet enjoyed themselves.

All-in-all was great mini-con. Thanks to all those organised – and sorry I can’t be more specific on names - but it was a really fun time, and while it probably isn’t going to be practicable to get Ben, or even better Ben and Andrew, to be guests at Armadacon, it would great to have them as guests.

Thank you to all, and I look forward to seeing some of you again at Armadacon 2019.
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