Redemption 13

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Geoffrey(aka Jasper)
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Redemption 13

Post by Geoffrey(aka Jasper) » Thu Feb 28, 2013 9:40 pm

Last weekend I was at the above convention. It was a lot of fun.

The panels, at least the ones I went to, were all either entertaining, or informative, or both. The hotel could have done with a lick of paint and a bit of TLC, as it could have every time I've been there, but it wasn't overly expensive and the food was reasonable, and the bar rates very reasonable. Like Armadacon Redemption is multi-media and this was reflected in the guests, Kim Newman - author/TV & Film critic/Playwright, and Virginia Hey - actress. Both were very good, Kim was very knowledgeable and articulate, while Virginia was totally barking, but in a good way, and anyone who can make talking about hotel biscuits entertaining has got to have something going for her.

There was a small, but very well done masquerade, and a following cabaret some of which was excellent.

Bottom-line, both myself and Lorraine have signed up for Redemption 15.

Oh, and Armadacon regulars David and Ros gave Remdemption its first ever turkey reading; well done, and it went down well, and while Redemption has yet to fully embrace the turkey reading the way Armadacon has, it's getting there.
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David A Harvey
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Re: Redemption 13

Post by David A Harvey » Fri Mar 01, 2013 2:22 am

Thank you for your kind words about, and example setting generosity during, the Turkey Reading. It was also great to have the support and voice talent of Dave McIntee who still remembers the ones at Armadacon fondly enough to ask if we had brought John Carstairs Space Detective with us :D

Redemption was a good friendly convention which I'd certainly recommend to all of you. Although at about 400 attendees it's a bit bigger the spirit and feel, on both our visits, has been almost exactly like an Armadacon just with more events to choose from (three streams at peak times) and a few more friends you haven't met yet.
I used this similarity of spirit to recommended Armadacon to a fair number of Redemptioneers so fingers crossed.

As Jasper suggests the hotel is definitely in need of some tlc but the staff were lovely and the rooms were clean, spacious and comfy and the con negotiated rates for food (inc £7 for 2 course dinner) and drink (alcoholic £1.50 and not £1) prices were excellent.

The next one is Feb 2015, hope to see you there.

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