The Doctor is back!!

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Geoffrey(aka Jasper)
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Re: The Doctor is back!!

Post by Geoffrey(aka Jasper) » Sun Oct 26, 2014 12:12 pm

Last weeks Dr Who was ‘Flatline.’ I thought it was rather fun.

Random witterings follow all JIMHO, YMMV and spoilered JIC:

Creatures which exist only in two dimensions are an SF staple

Okay the programme did seem to have the idea that graffiti vandals were all just poor, misunderstood artists rather than the – okay being dragged screaming into another dimension is bit harsh though.

There were some very scary moments, particularly when the Flat –ones started breaking through into the 3D world.

And, please feel free to have Your Mileage Vary at this point, this episode stayed clear of any seriously silly moments. Yes I realise this episode did have the Doctor, finger walking the Tardis out of danger, but I did rather enjoy that.

I suppose if you are going to have an episode which relies on weird science, if not downright silly science, don’t try and explain it and just try and keep it consistent.

The final trick of diverting the Flat-one’s energy to the Tardis by having them try and turn back into 3D something which had never been 3D in the first place did strike me as clever. Okay, maybe it was just a variant of using a conveniently handy mirror to reflect an evil wizards magic back it him, but it was at least consistent with the scenario set up in the episode.

And I did enjoy the Doctor’s speech to the Flat-ones. Basically, we tried it the easy now no more Mister Nice-guy!

And it was interesting seeing Clara taking on the Doctor’s mantle, and I think she did a good job of it. Although, when Clara had the nano-tech letting the Doctor see through her eyes, was I the only one thinking, “I hope she remembers to close her eyes if she goes to the loo?” –blush-


And now we have ‘In the Forests of the Night.’

I rather enjoyed this one, but . . .

More random witterings, again all JIMHO, YMMV and spoilered JIC

This felt rather low key for an episode about the Earth under threat. Basically it was about helping a group of lost children find their way home.

Okay I did think that given a choice between seeing a once in a billion years solar flare IN SPACE, or going home to mum . . . well I suppose it’s a time machine so they can always see it anytime they want to.

And for some reason Clara taking her marking with her into the Tardis, and also the Doctor having bookshelves in the Tardis, did make me smile.

And running from wolves who are actually running from a tiger. Oh dear. –eg- Hmmm . . . is it possible to scare off a tiger by shining a really bright light in its eyes? I don’t know and I’m in no hurry to field test it, but if it did seem a little dubious to me, I did think it was rather cool.

But we come to the but . . .

It all comes down to, Don’t Worry Magic Trees Will Save Us All! And don’t worry you’ll forget all about it afterwards! –sigh-

Okay there is a valid point to be made about people forgetting lessons from the past, but this rather literal interpretation isn’t it.

And the line: “If you remembered how things felt you’d stop having wars, and you’d stop having babies.” ????

While initially this seemed to me a really good line, the more I thought about it, the more it came across as twaddle masquerading as profundity.

Oh and the line of Clara to the Doctor’s, “It’s a sonic screwdriver, not a magic wand.” Well, actually these days it pretty much is a magic wand.


Ah well all JIMHO, feel free to have your mileage vary.

And next week we have the beginning of the end . . .

Here’s hoping the series goes out with a band rather than a whimper!
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Geoffrey(aka Jasper)
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Re: The Doctor is back!!

Post by Geoffrey(aka Jasper) » Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:27 pm

‘Dark Water’ and ‘Death in Heaven’ aka The Season Finale.

Hmm . . . please note that all of this is JIMHO and YMMV, but What The Flippin’ heck!!!????

Random observations and more specific bits of JIMHO SPOILERED JIC

Danny getting killed crossing the road while talking on his mobile, this is pretty much the closest Dr Who has come to a public service announcement for a long time.

The bit with Clara, the keys to the Tardis and the active volcano, was pretty darn dramatic. But. If the Doctor was going to help her anyway what was the point? And I am sure if you listen closely, in the background, you can hear a volcanologist screaming . . .

I did like the Cybermen emerging on to streets of London and immediately ending up the subject of endless selfies. Part of me said, “Yes, I could see that happening.”

And I loved UNIT pulling an ambush on them.

But . . .

Kate Lethbridge-Stewart going from competent individual to panicking, err, that just jarred.

And the whole UNIT declaring Doctor President of Earth thing, again that jarred.

And on the subject of UNIT, and this applies to all so many military and para-military forces in fiction, is the point that ballistic goggles only protect your eyes if you wear them! Perched up your helmet they are merely a rather fetching fashion accessory!

And the Brig’s portrait on the plane, and the Brig coming back as a Cyberman to save his daughter and to spare the Doctor from having to kill the Master/Mistress. To me this didn’t come across a fun bit of nostalgia, or a chance to say goodbye to a well-loved character, it was just naff.

Funnily enough though one bit which should have been naff to the max I rather liked: The Doctor in freefall streamlining himself to fall faster than the less aerodynamic Tardis, and slip the key into the door. That actually made me grin.

But for me the real kicker of this episode which touched upon the temptations of ultimate power, the issues of service and sacrifice, and the power of love was that it all hinged upon:

The Master has been stealing human consciousness at the moment of death, for centuries or even millennia, so that “Cyber-pollen” will reanimate their long dead corpses as fully fledged Cybermen.

Yeah, right.

I have really come around to the idea that UNIT should be wolly-pullys and khaki berets. And that Cybermen are best dealt with by the means of well-aimed hand-grenades and the occasional use of a bazooka.

Well that pretty much wraps up my witterings on the subject, although there is the cliff-hanger about what the Doctor saw on Galifrey which upset him so much.

Though part of me is wondering if it’s worth caring about.



Ah well, here’s hoping that the Christmas special is a good one.

But one final JIMHO and YMMV moment, l basically think that Peter Capaldi can be a great Doctor, but he’s been let down by the stories
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Geoffrey(aka Jasper)
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Re: The Doctor is back!!

Post by Geoffrey(aka Jasper) » Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:38 pm

Saw the Doctor Who’ Xmas Special ‘Last Christmas’ last night and I was pleasantly surprised. It took a little while to get into, but at the end I was really caught up in it.

More detailed random witterings and random observations follow SPOILERED JIC and, as ever, JIMHO:

Monsters which only affect you if you look at them or think about them. This seems to be a particularly Moffatism. (Not actually a word I know, but I think it should be.)

I wasn’t impressed with Shona’s bopping to Slade. Okay, if it’s silly but it keeps the monsters from wrapping around your head, it isn’t silly. But to me it just looked silly, and silly irritating at that.

I also wasn’t impressed with reference to facehuggers from the chap who got sucked through the TV screen. (I wasn’t kidding about SPOILERS, was I?) We were all thinking that; hanging a lampshade on it just looks naff.

Actually, thinking about it, it wasn’t ‘Dr Who meets Alien’, or even ‘Dr Who meets The Thing From Another World.’ It was ‘Dr Who meets Nightmare on Elm Street.’

Dreams, within dreams, and the break between dreams and reality becoming blurred.

I did pick up on the “It’s a long story” thing. Or rather I didn’t. I was thinking, “Is this actually a penal colony?” Or, “Okay, if it’s a research base, just what are they really researching?”

And the clues to it being a dream were all fair e.g. the four manuals, and “If we’ve only been dreaming since the attack, what was Santa Claus doing on my roof?”

I suppose it was around then, or perhaps even before then, that I stopped thinking, “I hope this is going to be a good one” and actually just started enjoying the story.

Talking of Santa Claus; I though Nick Frost was brilliant as Santa Claus; except he wasn’t Santa Claus. He was the dreamers’ collective sub-conscious telling them that something was seriously wrong and they should – as one shepherd said to the other shepherd – get the flock outta here! I thought that was a very clever, but to me anyway not a clever-clever twist.

And talking of roofs; the Doctor piloting Santa’s sleigh over snow-capped London. :) Okay it was silly, but to me it wasn’t silly-irritating it was silly-awesome. :D

I did find the dreamer’s awakening sequences rather affecting, although I would have been interested to see what happened to the chap who didn’t wake up. And the interaction between the Doctor and the (supposedly) aged Clara was interesting. “There was one other man, but he was impossible.”

We’ll see what happens in the next season, but the Christmas special seems to be a good omen.

Oh, and I quite like tangerines.


Please note this is all JIMHO & YMMV. Even if it’s about tangerines.
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Geoffrey(aka Jasper)
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Re: The Doctor is back!!

Post by Geoffrey(aka Jasper) » Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:49 am

Saw Dr Who, ‘The Magician’s Apprentice.’

Please note that all this is JIMHO and if other people liked or loved or thought that this was the best Dr Who ever, well that’s all well and good and I’m glad that you enjoyed it.
As for myself, I thought it had a good start, but by the time the end credits rolled I was left feeling deeply unimpressed and muttering darkly to myself.

More detailed random witterings, SPOILERED JIC:

As said I did like the opening sequence. Biplanes flying over a devastated landscape shooting energy weapons at soldiers armed with bows-and-arrows. That had a certain impact.

And the bio-mechanical minefield was really creepy.

I suspect I wasn’t the only person watching to start thinking of ‘Genesis of the Daleks’ when the mention of a war which has been going on so long that it was now being fought with a mix of high-tech and low-tech.
So it wasn’t really a surprise when the boy turned out to be Davros, but I still found myself catching my breath.

There after it all went downhill.

Okay the idea of the Doctor having a moment of moral cowardice. A moment where he failed to live up to his own moral code. Well, that idea has bite.

Except that this particular momentary lapse, letting Davros die before he could create the Daleks, depends on the Doctor having no concept of a paradox. Or not understanding the idea of a stable time loop.
So effectively the whole episode hinges upon the Doctor doing something out of character which is also stupid. –sigh-

Not loving Missy either. Insane, almost omnipotent – and I think that freezing all the world’s aircraft is pretty close to a definition of omnipotent – and going in for petty acts of cruelty. And I got the impression that at some points she was supposed to be the comic relief. During the scene in the square with the snipers I was muttering, “Just take the f****** shot!”

And the bit with the Doctor doing the guitar hero bit on a Chieftain tank. In the Middle Ages. I feel that was aiming for awesome, but it hit silly instead.

Okay not as silly as the idea of Dalek human agents having Dalek eye-stalks sprouting out of their fore-heads but still pretty darn silly.

And just to clarify I don’t mean silly in the sense of silly, but fun, I mean silly as in irritatingly silly.

And what was that about Jane Austen being a great kisser?

I could go on but I feel I’d just be getting further into Victor Meldrew mode.

Basically I have watched Dr Who episodes which have left me going, “Not bad, but it could have been better.” And some which have left me going, “WTF were they thinking?” Though, to be fair, plenty of episodes have left me going, “YAAAYYYYY!!!!” But this one, well, back in the days of Colin Baker I did give up on watching Dr Who, this episode has brought back that feeling.


Anyway all this is JIMHO, please feel free to have your mileage vary. Here’s hoping that this is just a rocky start and the rest of the series rocks!!!! 8-)

But . . .

Well I mentioned that I was muttering darkly to myself at the end of this episode, well what I was muttering was a phrase that first heard from Andy Lane at Armadacon 26, “Step away from the Tardis Mr. Moffat!” :twisted:

Still, we’ll see what next week’s episode is like. Being worse (again JIMHO) than this one would be difficult . . .
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Re: The Doctor is back!!

Post by Spudgun » Sun Sep 20, 2015 12:44 pm

Ziggy played guitar (With apologies to David Bowie)? Nope. The Doctor did. Moving on....

For many years I played around with the idea of a younger Davros. Just what turned Davros from a well educated Kaled into the raving, disfigured whack job that Tom Baker encountered? My original idea was that the Master had a hand in creating the Daleks (mischief a-plenty), but the Doctor put the mockers on it, by trying to side-line Davros by having an 'accident'. By having different incarnations of the Master and the Doctor, you could get away with it. Ah well. I'm not going to get any Royalties on this one.

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Hey Missy.

With apologies to Toni Basil.
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Geoffrey(aka Jasper)
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Re: The Doctor is back!!

Post by Geoffrey(aka Jasper) » Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:09 pm

Over the weekend I caught the first episode of Doctor Who, appropriately named The Pilot and IMHO it was:

Not bad.

Expanding on this below and JIC - SPOILERS

Bill. I will admit that one fear had was that the Beeb would be so pleased with themselves for having a black lesbian as the Doctor’s companion they’d feel they could just forget about plot and story and character . . . (Just like they did for most of last season. :twisted: ) . . . but Bill was fun and so was the story.

The idea of weird alien technology interacting with humans in unexpected ways is almost becoming a staple of Doctor Who. (First time on New Who was ‘The Empty Child?) But it’s still an interesting idea, and the business with the reflections was rather creepy.

And it appears we have a Maguffin for this series, The Vault.

I will confess that these days I do find it easier to nit-pick than previously, so here are some nit-picks:

Yes, I liked Bill, but on a couple of occasions I felt her dialogue was a little overly quirky and little too much, this was obviously written by Stephen Moffat.

Matt Lucas. My instinctive reaction to him is irritation; okay the character he plays isn’t that bad, but I still find my teeth gritting. (But that’s just me, if he’s the high-point of the show for you, fine with me.)

And sometimes it all seemed a little “clever-clever” e.g. the big dramatic moment undercut by something mundane. OTOH we do now know for definite that the Tardis has at least one toilet on board.

Btw, did Bill ever make it to the loo?

The Doctor being a brilliant university lecturer. I feel this is something we were told, because based on the one we saw, we’d have never worked it out for ourselves. OTOH, maybe by brilliant it was meant, “You can sleep through his lectures and it doesn’t make any difference.” :twisted:

Peter Capaldi’s rock guitar – cringe.

The Movellans: mixed feelings about this, okay got to be someone for the Daleks to fight, but this felt like throwing a bone to the older fans by dragging up an obscure Baker era monster. –grump-

But let’s mention somethings I found positive about the episode.

Creepy reflections. Some bits which came across as clever, rather than clever-clever, “Why would you think I’m back with Neville?” “You’re using his phone.” The pen holder full of old sonic screwdrivers. “Bigger on the inside . . . “ That actually made me smile and the goodbye scene made me smile as well, but smile sadly.

And perhaps most importantly; the scene in the bathroom was actually quite scary.

So, while it’s still early days, the last season of The Moff looks promising.

As ever all JIMHO and feel free to have your mileage vary.
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Re: The Doctor is back!!

Post by Spudgun » Sun Jun 25, 2017 1:36 pm

Under normal circumstances. Jasper comments on the latest episode of Dr Who. However. Since I enjoyed Saturdays so much. I thought I'd comment.

As much as I'll be glad to see the back of Moffat (In my opinion, his tenure has been poor as far as stories go). This (What I shall call) Genesis of the Cybermen story has been a piece of excellent writing. It's almost if Moffat wanted to explode the 'unreality' of the series. Having 'Missy' describe the companions as exposition and comic relief was very clever. Naming the titular character as Doctor Who further crushed the suspension of disbelief.

For the first time in the entire series, there have been two 'Masters'. Yeah, there have been multiple Doctors before, but this is a first. Having said that. I'll miss Michelle Gomez when she leaves the series. Her 'Missy' character had some great lines.

Moffat certainly had been looking at The Tenth Planet. Revisiting Mondas and the origins of the Cybermen was a great idea. However. Parking 'Babylon 5' next to a black hole (and the resulting time dilation) could well be Moffats undoing. As the Mondasion Cybermen advance. They have to evolve into the different cyberfactions. That's the rub isn't it. The Doctor has to win, but the different cyberfactions have to survive in order to be part of the Whovian universe.

Has Moffat pulled a rabbit out of the hat, or has he bungled it yet again? We shall see.
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Re: The Doctor is back!!

Post by Spudgun » Sat Jul 01, 2017 6:48 pm

So. Here we are that the end of part 2. Did Moffat pull the rabbit out of the hat? Nope. Did Moffat bungle it? Nope. He merely bungled pulling the rabbit out of the hat.

Still liked The Tenth Planet vibe though.
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Geoffrey(aka Jasper)
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Re: The Doctor is back!!

Post by Geoffrey(aka Jasper) » Mon Apr 18, 2022 8:05 am

Well, I've just finished the Dr Who Easter Special, 'The Legend of the Sea-Devils' and . . . it wasn't bad.

I'll keep this, if not entirely spoiler free certainly spoiler light, so . . .

Let's get the negative bits out the way: a touch too much techno-babble, some dodgy CGI junk sails, some less than brilliantly choregraphed fight scenes, a it too much plot crammed into its running time and fuses! In cannons!

Positive bits: there were fight scenes and it looked like they were trying. Characters were interesting and it didn't dawdle. And some of the CGI was very good.

Okay this bit does include spoilers:

I don't have a problem with idea of the Doctor being romantically involved with their companions. I am fairly certain that Rose & Ten were sleeping together, and I wasn't bothered by that. Okay, I do know a lot of fans would prefer the Doctor's relationship with their companions to be platonic and avuncular. And in spite of my comments about Ten and Rose, it did grate slightly that they ret-conned Sarah Jane's relationship with the Doctor into a romantic one. (Though FWIW, that aside, I thought that 'Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane' was a really fun episode.)

So I don't have a problem with Thirteen and Yaz being a couple, but the way it was handled, well yes it was "sensitively handled." But it had the Doctor angsting over would "fixing" herself to someone just ultimately hurt, and yes there is this whole May-fly to December romance thing, but FFS Doctor! None of us know how much time we have in this universe. Take what happiness you can when you can, and more importantly give what happiness you can when you can.

Or in other words, just frickin' well kiss her!

I do not like the idea the whole of next season will dominated by "will they/won't they." Talking of next season:

Back to spoiler light mode:

The Next season trailer had a couple of Easter eggs showing the return of some previous characters. Mixed feelings, bringing old characters back could be fun if done well, if done badly . . . ah well.

I'm willing to check out the next season. Well, at least the first episode.
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