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The Orville

Post by Geoffrey(aka Jasper) » Sat Mar 10, 2018 10:24 am

Just two-pennyworth of my two-pennyworth on a show which last week finished its run on satellite. Overall, I rather liked it.

I was pleasantly surprised about this, because the driving force behind it is one Seth MacFarlane. And what I’ve seen before of his work – Family Guy & American Dad – I haven’t liked at all.

But ‘The Orville’ I’ve rather enjoyed. Okay, it’s not perfect; I’m getting the feeling of a show finding its feet, and whiles it’s described as a comedy-drama, I get the feeling that sometimes it’s not sure which one it is. e.g. there was an episode [MINOR SPOILERS] with an alien which secreted a pheromone which made everyone who came into contact with it fall in love with them. In a comedy this is funny, in a drama this has, err, “unfortunate implications.”

Also some character’s actions in an episode aren’t, I feel, being fully addressed. And some of the humour can be a bit “blokey” to say the least. :roll:

OTOH some of the humour is funny. And it’s covered some fairly solid SF territory and done it rather well. [MINOR SPOILERS] Including the old staple of a multi-generational starship where the passengers have forgotten they’re on a ship and a satire(?) of present day trial by social media.

One other thing I like about it is that is upbeat. (Seth MacFarlane has apparent said he wanted to make an optimistic SF show.) Now I do enjoy an element of darkness about my SF, but I am wondering if there is perhaps too much grim-darkness in SF these days. The idea that people (not necessarily humans) aren’t perfect, but can achieve greatness is a good one and worth promoting. [MINOR SPOILER] “Never lose faith in the power of a logical mind.”

At its best The Orville is like watching a really good episode of original Trek . . . but with dick jokes. ;) Worth checking out if you get the chance. JIMHO.
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