The Doctor is back!!

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Geoffrey(aka Jasper)
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Re: The Doctor is back!!

Post by Geoffrey(aka Jasper) » Fri Sep 30, 2011 3:10 pm

So that was “Closing Time” well, JIMHO as ever, it was a fun episode, but I did have a couple of niggles about, again JIMHO, FWIW here they are, along with a couple of bits I liked (Spoilered JIC)

Niggle one: Is this episode going for the Torchwood Award for the greatest number of gay references in a single episode? Or am I showing my age in that I’m expecting gay themes to be only on shown at 9.25pm in “Play for Today?”

Good bit one: Translated baby talk.

Niggle two: (Okay having niggled that the episode “The God Complex” had a PC vibe to it, I am now on a PC kick of my own.) There are two black characters in this episode and both end up as victims of Cybermen! Hmmm . . . or where they not black victims of the Cybermen, but just victims of the Cybermen who happened to be black?

Good bit two: Destroying the Cybermen with the Power of Love! Cheesey yes, technobabble, yes, but . . . a man standing on his own two feet to fight for his son – I liked it! Just my personal taste, but while guaranteed happy endings can get a little tiresome, getting *too* far into the dark and gritty and cynical and depressing, well it can get seriously tiresome.

Niggle three: Why do cybermats have teeth?

Good bit three: The notion that teleports can work up as well as down. –g-

Niggle three point five: Cybermen in this version of the Whoniverse were created in a parallel dimension, so how did they end up in a spaceship buried under the surface of the Eath? Errrr . . . okay worrying continuity in Doctor Who is the path to madness, but . . . OTOH it was kinda cool.

And at the end of it all, we rush into a set up for the season’s finale, which was actually the opening episode for the season . . .

Oh, and it was nice to see Amy doing well for herself.

Looking forward to Saturday’s episode
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Geoffrey(aka Jasper)
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Re: The Doctor is back!!

Post by Geoffrey(aka Jasper) » Sun Oct 02, 2011 12:20 pm

“The Wedding of River Song,” well, that was . . . interesting.

Impressions, random witterings and such like follow, all JIMHO and spoilered JIC:

But first:

The mention of the passing of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, this was rather sad, but I also felt it was very nice to see Nicholas Courtney being given a send off.

Now the episode:

There were lots of things to like in it, lots of things, but . . .

Anyway the good bits:

Amy Pond getting in stuck in with an assault rifle, okay it would have been nicer if she’d been firing short controlled bursts from the shoulder, but you can’t have everything. -g-

Captain Williams and his heroic (almost) last stand.

Random observation: it was nice to see soldiers wearing berets that looked half-way decent.

The world were all history was happening at once at 5.02 in the afternoon. That looked really cool. “Peterodctyls are vermin. Do not feed”

Explaining about the eye-patches. (i-Patches?) And about them being booby-trapped. –ouch-

The (short version) of the Time Lord wedding ceremony. Is that why the Doctor wears a bow-tie?

There were some fun lines in this ep e.g. “Like a record with the needle stuck in the grove.” “Ever heard of downloads?” “Says Winston Churchill.”

There were also a few darker moments which I still “liked”:

The Doctor giving his speech about “The face of the Devil”- to a Dalek.

The Doctor generally throwing his weight about.

Amy Pond and Madame Karovian “He’s not here.” –ouch!- That was pretty harsh, although, to put it crudely, “If you make a habit out of shitting on people, don’t be surprised that when you ask them for the bogroll they hand you sandpaper.”

But there is also a “but” to all this . . .

It didn’t really hang together, okay the Doctor cheating death by substituting a robot double for himself? (Well technically a shape-changing time traveling space ship piloted by himself (only miniaturized.)) That was fair enough, I suppose, but was the Doctor really assassinated the first time, or if not how . . . and somehow I find this raising more questions than it answers.

And what is this fixed point in time business? I get the impression that this was a concept invented to explain why the Doctor doesn’t go around killing Hitler, or advising people to double check the O-rings, or other such obviously helpful stuff. Now it seems that it’s something that can be created. And. Having emphasised repeatedly that a fixed point in time can’t be changed; it can be.

Or was it that the fixed point was the Doctor being zapped by the Impossible Astronaut, regardless of whether this actually killed the Doctor? So it can’t be changed but it can be cheated?

To me this comes dangerously close to techno-babble being rewritten as and when it’s needed. Yeah, when you’re dealing with time traveling blue boxes a certain amount of techno-babble is forgivable, but it should at least be consistent techno-babble.

And maybe this was just me, but I felt that in places this episode dragged.

Oh well, there was a lot to liked about the episode, but in the end it felt that it was trying to pull everything together and not quiet making it.

Ah well, to finish on the positive note, I loved how the Doctor described River Song (aka his missus): “Hell - in high heels.” -vbg-

Well, see what the Christmas Special’s like.
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David A Harvey
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Re: The Doctor is back!!

Post by David A Harvey » Mon Oct 10, 2011 3:07 am

Spudgun wrote:I want a 'Mr Bitey'.
As soon as I saw it, I knew that the must have toy this Christmas will be a remote control Cybermat and I WANT ONE too :D

Geoffrey(aka Jasper)
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Re: The Doctor is back!!

Post by Geoffrey(aka Jasper) » Thu Aug 30, 2012 5:29 pm

And just in case anyone hasn't been paying attention; 7.20pm BBC1 this Saturday . . .

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Geoffrey(aka Jasper)
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Re: The Doctor is back!!

Post by Geoffrey(aka Jasper) » Sun Sep 02, 2012 9:14 pm

Saw The Asylum of the Daleks last night.

Hmmmm . . . some naff bits, some good bits and it moved along at a cracking base but overall, IMHO, not bad.

Anyway, some random witterings:

First off the idea of having your personality erased, just able to access your own memories when needed to maintain cover story that is spine chillingly scary.

But this is somewhat mitigated by the concept that this process requires you to grow a Dalek eye-stalk out of your forehead . . . :roll:

Since when did Daleks have Parliaments? And Prime Ministers? Maybe it’s just me but somehow the concepts of Daleks and democracy don’t really gel.

Though of course it might be just be trappings of democracy, and Prime Minister is a job for forever and ballots are done on the basis of “All those in favour say ‘Aye’ and all those against will be EXTERMINATED!”

OTOH all those Dalek “talking-lights” illuminating in unison – scary cool.

And didn’t it seem ridiculously easy to kidnap the Doctor, so easy you wonder why they didn’t do it before? -doh!-

Also; wiping the Doctor from the Daleks collective memory? So they end up chanting “Doctor Who?” –sigh- Don’t they have hard copy on Skaro? –double sigh-

But to finish on the bits I really liked:

Amy and Rory getting back together; colour me sentimental, but – ahh!

The Doctor persuading a Dalek to self-destruct and then setting it in reverse so that it blew up it’s mates. :twisted: That’s the sort of thing which makes you understand why the Daleks nicknamed him “The Predator.” 8-)

And Amy and Rory waiting for the Doctor, “How long do we wait?” “The rest of our lives.”

End of my random witterings.

And for next weeks episode Dinosaurs on a Spaceship any bets on whether or not The Doctor comes out with the line “I’ve had it with these motherf*****g dinosaurs on this motherf*****g spaceship!”
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Re: The Doctor is back!!

Post by Spudgun » Sat Sep 08, 2012 8:35 pm

I enjoyed todays episode. Did anyone notice the resuse of the robot props from the series that Alan Marques worked on, Mission: 2110?
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Geoffrey(aka Jasper)
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Re: The Doctor is back!!

Post by Geoffrey(aka Jasper) » Thu Sep 13, 2012 5:54 pm

I have only just got around to watching Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and I must say I reckon it’s a good ‘un.

It rocketed along without feeling rushed, still had time for quiet moments and it was one of those episodes where Matt Smith’s Doctor felt completely right.

Random witterings (aka Good Bits, Niggles (just the odd one or two) and maybe the odd Unworthy Thought.)

Odd that Queen Nefertiti had no perceptible regional accent, but the ISA Officer did.

Talking of which, a space ship the size of Canada on collision course with Earth? Call me old-fashioned, but blasting it to atoms is not an unreasonable action.

Pause for unworthy thought: In the scene with Nefertiti pinning the Doctor up against the Tardis (Lucky old Doctor) there were some interesting silhouettes.

Niggle: Was it ever explained just what the Silurian’s were? And why, and when, they might be building a “Space Ark” to escape the Earth? Okay if your familiar with the Doctor Who mythos, but if you’re not? Btw, I did actually like the idea of the Silurian Space Ark; it’s logical, for a given value of logic, and fits into the shows continuity (such as it is.)

What I really liked that this episode stayed on the right side of the lines.

Right side of the lines?

It was silly, “Dinosaurs on a space ship!” but it stayed silly fun rather than silly irritating. And it also had the idea that just because something’s silly doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous e.g. camp robots which are also killing machines. Not sure if their singing “daisy-daisy” when get deactivated was cool or possibly a niggle.

It dealt with nasty subjects without itself becoming nasty i.e. genocide, and the implications about just what Solomon was going to do to “break” Nefertiti.
It had moving moments, without lapsing into sentimentality e.g. the death of the triceratops, and Rory and his Dad’s relationship going from antagonistic to solid.

It helped also that the characters were interesting: Rory’s Dad, a chap who always carries a folding trowel with him. Nefertiti and Riddell, both of whom managed to be irritating yet still be likeable and true to what they were supposed to be. Btw, I think that it was Riddell who, possibly, got the best line in the episode: “Dinosaurs in front of me, a lady by my side and about to blown up. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier!” And the black-hearted Solomon with his impeccable taste in music.

Talking of Solomon, the Doctor leaving him trapped aboard his own craft with the ISA missiles homing in; was that a un-Doctor action? I’m not sure. Okay, Doctor Who: Vigilante Justice doesn’t seem quite right, OTOH, Solomon had it coming, and one thing that has consistently pushed the Doctor’s buttons is sentient beings being treated like objects.

And another candidate for best line in the episode, the Doctors response to Solomon’s demanding Nefertiti. “No.” (It was all in the delivery.)

Fav moments otherwise not mentioned: Amy and the Doctor’s being reminded that he’ll still be around when she’s dust; Rory’s Dad gazing down on the world and eating his sarnies; Amy and Riddell standing in a ring of stunned ‘raptors; the ending with a stream of postcards from Rory’s former stay-at-home, and the one from the Doctor.

Anyway as ever all this is purely subjective, but I really enjoyed this ep.
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Geoffrey(aka Jasper)
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Re: The Doctor is back!!

Post by Geoffrey(aka Jasper) » Mon Apr 01, 2013 9:12 am

Caught up with the latest episode of Dr. Who and . . . I liked it.

But . . .

Anyhow before we get to the “but” here’s a selection of random witterings:


The Doctor really seems to have a romantic vibe going on with Clara, what with kissing her forehead when she was unconscious.

Any speculation as to the identity of the lady in the shop who gave Clara the help-line number? River Song would be a bit obvious; wouldn’t it?

The Great Intelligence looks like it’s going to be this season’s big bad. And “Doctor Who” the seasons arc-words.

A real cyberpunk vibe going on here; things living in the matrix/data-cloud/wi-fi, down loading personalities and the feeling of constant, and totally justified, paranoia.


The mobile base stations. Okay they were as creepy as heck, but they also seemed a little silly, and just why were they needed?

Bits I loved:

The explanation of the title “The Bells of St John.” And the realllllllly long extension cord on the handset.

The Doctor riding anti-gravity (Triumph) motorcycle up the side of the shard; so cool as to be practically cryogenic.

As I’ve said previously this ep had a certain cyberpunk vibe to it, but the idea that any camera/mobile phone anywhere can be used a as a surveillance device; really creepy. And the “twist” of the staff at evil HQ all being artificial personalities over-writing their real ones. And the final twist of Ms Evil having been over-written as a child; that was really, really, creepy.

And talking about evil HQ; “And who put where they work on their Facebook page . . .”

UNIT showing up as the good guys. Though I’m not 100% sure about the black helmet look, it is practical.

And finally way back at the beginning, how the BBC announcer blended into the episode.

That’s the end of the random witterings, and here’s the “but”

It didn’t seem to completely hang together. Lots of bits I really liked, but somehow it felt like a lot of good bits thrown together and working pretty well, but not completely meshing together to make a whole.

But as ever all JIMHO
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Geoffrey(aka Jasper)
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Re: The Doctor is back!!

Post by Geoffrey(aka Jasper) » Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:42 pm

Just seen ‘The Rings Of Akhaten’

Hmmm . . . not bad, and that’s really all I can say about it.

However here are a few random witterings, spoilered JIC:

So the basic story is that a alien parasite/vampire/old god which feeds off people’s memories sleeps inside a star and to keep its mummified alarm clock from going off and waking it up the locals sing it (the alarm clock) lullabies. Hmmm . . .

While the idea of memories, particularly emotional ones, having power was kinda cool. And it did kinda make sense as to why the local currency was based around artefacts associated with memories. But, as the basis of a plot it, for me anyway, didn’t really hang together.

Riding on open space scooter . . . did I miss something about it having a force bubble to hold an atmosphere, or that the there was a breathable gas cloud surrounding the rings? Okay if I haven’t missed the obvious, then some explanation would have been nice.

Also the Doctor keeping an eye on Clara’s parent etc. Almost a bit stalkerish.

OTOH it was a nice touch that he was reading the Beano.

Ultimately though, for me, the high-point of the episode was the Doctor’s throwaway line, “I’ve been here before; with my granddaughter.”

And I suppose that if a throwaway line was the eps high-point, that's probably why I regard this ep as being “Not bad.”

As ever all JIMHO, and lets see what happens in the next ep.
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Re: The Doctor is back!!

Post by Spudgun » Sun Apr 07, 2013 6:19 pm

When the Dr was naming alien races in the market, I could've sworn that he said "Hoovooloo" (A super intelligent shade of the colour blue, from Douglas Adams Hitchhikers books).
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